Sew Wedding agree to undertake any alterations, order fabric/trims, steam dresses and veils etc on your behalf with the following T&Cs.


Here at Sew Wedding The Bridal Studio we work with you, we do not expect a 50% deposit. Not everyone has available funds when planning their wedding so our deposits start at £50.00, you are then able to make as large or as small a payment as and when you have the funds, as long as the dress is paid in full by the time you need to take it away.


Payment must be made in full for any work carried out.

If no work has been carried out, it is by agreement with Sew Wedding The Bridal Studio as to payment required to cover any fittings, travelling etc already carried out.

Any deposit paid is non-refundable to one third of the dress value. Any monies paid over this amount is by agreement with Sew Wedding The Bridal Studio.
All payments agreed must be paid in full before any goods can be collected.


Whilst every effort is made by the supplier to match fabrics or trims, Sew Wedding cannot guarantee the exact shade or texture of a fabric.

Silk is a natural fabric and the weaving of the fabric may therefore contain minor variations and irregularities that are characteristic of fine silk yarn. These should in no way be considered as defective nor should Sew Wedding be held at fault.


All alterations/additions are to be inspected prior to leaving Sew Wedding. This is regardless of where the goods are collected.

If goods are collected once alterations/additions have been completed by Sew Wedding within 3 months of receipt of our second written notification, then these goods will be subject to sale and all monies pertaining will be forfeited.

It is important that you understand this agreement is a firm and legally binding contract. Nothing in this agreement is intended to affect your statutory rights. These terms are governed by the law of England and Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.